Project Timeline

Step 1: Assess Current Organization

Background & Kick-Off

  • Develop a common project vision and timeline
  • Obtain required NMSU organization, HR and finance data
  • Gain alignment on taxonomy for activity analysis survey that will be completed by the NMSU business units
  • Plan approach to conduct peer benchmarking
  • Conduct activity analysis kick-off with managers/supervisors

Data Gathering

  • Prepare and distribute activity analysis surveys to managers/supervisors
  • Conduct peer benchmarking with up to 5 peer institutions selected by NMSU
  • Conduct benchmarking of NMSU with publically available data sources (e.g., NACUBO, EDUCAUSE) and Deloitte maintained sources
  • Conduct activity analysis

Analysis & Assessment

  • Create span of control model
  • Conduct analysis of current-state spans, layers, & labor costs
  • Document current service delivery model and identify opportunity areas for consideration by NMSU

Step 2: Identify Organizational Improvement Opportunities


  • Identify opportunities for NMSU to consider for cost reduction through improvements to delivery model, business process, policies and the implementation of enabling technologies
  • Create business case and develop recommendations for NMSU to consider including leading practices and supporting business cases

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Visual representation of above timeline showing stages of work over the next 10 weeks.