NMSU Staffing Study Project Overview

NMSU Goals & Objectives

As identified in the Scope of Work (SCO), NMSU’s goals and objectives for the NMSU Staffing Study are:

  • To analyze the staffing on the Las Cruces campus in order to identify opportunities for efficiencies allowing for the achievement of operational expenditure reductions and resource reallocations
  • The assessment of the NMSU Las Cruces campus will support the best alignment of non-faculty staffing with the core mission of the University and Vision 2020 Strategic Plan within available financial structure

Summary of Deloitte’s Services

As outlined in our Engagement Letter, Deloitte will:

Phase 1 – Assess Current Organization (Weeks 1-8)

  • Gather and review as-is organizational data (e.g. employee HR/Fin data by function, key transactional data by function)
  • Conduct detailed analysis of employee-level engagement for core activities within a function
  • Compare current state assessment to peer institutions and national Higher Education Benchmarks
  • Document service delivery model and identify opportunity areas for consideration

Phase 2 – Identify Organizational Improvement Opportunities (Weeks 9-10)

  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction through improvements to service delivery model, business processes, policies, and the implementation of enabling technologies
  • Create a business case and develop recommendations


The NMSU Staffing Study project will include a final report with 4 key components:

  • NMSU Peer Benchmarking Report: Summary of findings related to peer benchmarking with up to five peer institutions selected by NMSU
  • NMSU Public Data Benchmarking Report: Summary of findings related to benchmarking of NMSU with publically available data sources (e.g., NACUBO, EDUCAUSE) and Deloitte maintained sources
  • Opportunities for Cost Reduction Report: Summary of identified opportunities for NMSU to consider for cost reduction through improvements to delivery model, business process, policies and the implementation of enabling technologies
  • Recommendations Report: A list of actionable recommendations to address immediate, short, and long-term recommendations

Project Updates