Benchmarking Approach

Peers: Colorado State University, Montana State University, Utah State University, University of New Mexico, and University of Idaho.

Approach: Benchmarking activities for the NMSU project will require close collaboration between NMSU, Deloitte’s project team and Deloitte’s Global Benchmarking Center (GBC). Below is a role summary for each group:


NMSU Project Team

  • Peer selection
  • Peer communication activities

Deloitte – GBC

  • Survey tool development
  • Survey hosting and data collection support
  • Data Analysis and reporting


Deloitte – Project Team

  • Support NMSU communication activities where required
  • Support GBC in tool development, testing, and data validation
  • Use GBC’s data analysis/reporting results to document findings


Key Considerations/Guiding Principles:

  • Obtain feedback from peer institutions within 6 weeks (this will require timely and frequent engagement)
  • Develop a benchmarking study that balances the need for detailed information with the institution’s ability/willingness to complete within the short window of time
  • Organize benchmarking survey to align with the taxonomy used for the detailed activity analysis. Allow respondents to populate data at an ‘FTE’ level to facilitate comparisons without requiring peer groups to complete a detailed activity analysis
  • Define and communicate benefits to peer institutions of participation (e.g. access to data/findings)